JOPLIN, Mo. — Meanwhile — there’s currently a business surge in Joplin.

City officials say manufacturing and local hospitals are attracting new businesses. The hope is that the latest round of new restaurants and stores will continue to help Joplin thrive.

“Joplin is a destination. People come here to work and come here for entertainment. Plus we are located along an interstate,” said Troy Bolander, Joplin Director of Planning and Development.

Joplin is seeing more restaurants and businesses opening brick and mortar stores.

“We are a healthy community – its a good time to invest. You find the interest rates very low from the lenders so you see a lot of investment in housing, in the workforce and the retail and service sector. But also we have people here, we have potential customers. So that’s why I think you see a lot of investment in Joplin right now,” said Bolander.

Right now they are seeing the most growth on Rangeline, Main Street, 20th Street and 32nd Street.

“It brings in additional revenue to Joplin. In our community we are sales tax driven so anytime we get a new retail, restaurant or sales tax driven type business it helps with infrastructure, it helps with police and fire protection. Sales tax pays for those services,” said Bolander.

Chick Fil A, Bricktown Brewery and Braum’s are just a few coming to Joplin. The Starbucks at South Rangeline is also updating its look.

“Restaurants and retail industries need to continually change their look to remain competitive, and I think you see that with Starbucks right now,” said Bolander.

The growth in Joplin is also gaining attention of others in the four states. Today “Florist and the Merchant,” which is based in Neosho, opened its second location in Joplin at 9th Street and South Main.

“I think that this is just going to be an area that’s going to keep growing and booming. So I was happy to get in at the beginning of it,” said Kathleen Moehr, Florist and the Merchant Owner.

She says they chose the Main Street location because its close to the Cornell Complex. City officials say the new businesses are attracting more people to Joplin.