Joplin sees over 1,600 construction projects in 2019 fiscal year


JOPLIN, Mo. — The city of Joplin has wrapped up its fiscal year.

While some construction numbers were near a record high, the overall total for building is down.

Joplin saw more than 1,600 construction projects in 2019.

Bryan Wicklund, Joplin Chief Building Official, said, “The largest permit was Owens Corning.”

For $7.5 million in construction.

“They’re doing some renovations and updates of existing buildings there.”

Commercial project values drop off after that, $5 million to remodel the old Holiday Inn.

“James River Church bought the old grocery store – that’s a three million dollar project.”

With fewer big ticket commercial projects, Joplin’s yearly total is down – $91 million in 2019 versus $116 million the year before.

But home construction is a different story.

“However we were up about 10 million on the residential side.”

Nearly 1300 home projects in all, with 209 new homes at an average cost of $165,000.

That’s nearly a record, outside of the two years of rebuilding following the 2011 tornado.

While the 2019 value is lower, 2020 may reverse the trend.

“It is very hard to guess what’s coming in the year ahead, although we’ve got some good sized commercial projects that we’re talking with.”

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