Joplin sees increase in car thefts


JOPLIN, Mo. — Joplin is experiencing an increase in stolen vehicles because of mistakenly leaving valuables in the car.

Some insurance agencies may not provide insurance for those who leave their keys in the car.

Donald Gould, Don Gould Agency, Inc., said, “If you have a high rate of claims you are not the most desirable person for the coverage.”

Leaving the keys or car door unlocked can be a greater affect to the Joplin community.

“When cars are stolen to the majority that they are in this area it affects everybody’s insurance. All insurance claims affect all premiums for every one.”

And not all stolen cars are found.

“When cars are stolen they usually don’t find them in one piece they usually take them and burn them.”

The Joplin Police Department observes cars to be taken away when its cold outside.

Cpt. Nick Jimenez, Joplin Police Department, said, “They go out there and warm them up and leave it unlocked and it makes simple for a criminal to go by, see a running vehicle with the keys in it, get in and drive off.”

Or if items are noticeable in the car.

“A criminal walking by looking in their seeing property they want checking the door to see if its unlocked they take it.”

If your items are out of sight, it can be out of mind.

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