Joplin Schools Director of Special Education receives award


JOPLIN, Mo. — A member of the Joplin School District Special Education Team has received recognition.

Meghan Klosterman is the Director for Special Education for the Joplin School District.

Although she’s been in education for several years, last year was her first at the helm of the special education program.

Klosterman has won the award for the top New Special Education Administrator of the Year.

An award she says was made possible by a group of five people who nominated her as well as the teachers that work with special students.

Meghan Klosterman, Joplin School Director of Special Education, said, “Honored to receive the award but really I feel like the kudos go to the teachers who are everyday in the class room to meek the needs of our students with disabilities.”

Klosterman started her education career as a kindergarten teacher.

She then switched to 3rd grade teacher, followed by school counseling and psychologist and eventually into her role in special ed administration.

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