Joplin Schools adds heat-and-eat menu items to meal pick-up


JOPLIN, Mo. — Starting Monday, Joplin parents and students will see some changes in the district’s adjustment distance learning.

Joplin Schools announced Friday that families will see weekly video lessons and other learning opportunities direct from the child’s teachers. Homes lacking internet access can still pick up hard copies each Monday from 11 am to noon at the student’s school.

Along with learning platforms, the Joplin School District will also be changing up items on the meal pick-up menu, adding in food that can be should be heated in an oven, microwave, or toaster oven. Families without access to any of these tools should contact the district at (417)625-5318 ext 2303.

Finally, the district notes that it will not serve meals on Friday, April 10, as school was already scheduled to be out of session. However, three days’ worth of meals will be handed out at Thursday’s pick-up to ensure students are fed.

Full Press Release

JOPLIN, MO, April 6 — Starting Monday, April 6th, families with devices and Internet access will start seeing weekly videos and learning opportunities from their child’s teacher online. If homes do not have Internet access, they will be able to pick up hard copy packets each Monday at the student’s school between 11 am-12 pm. The student’s school may also communicate additional pick up times if needed. Grade level packets need to be requested during pick up. It will provide learning opportunities for the week. We will also make most learning packets available on the district website that any parent can access online.


Also on Monday, April 6th, Food Service will be changing their menu to include a larger variety of items to help battle menu fatigue. Some of these new items will need to be heated in an oven, microwave, or toaster oven, etc. If you do NOT have access to one of these cooking methods and need to request special meals of cold-only items, please contact us at 625-5318 ext 2303. Lastly, we will NOT serve meals on April 10th, as school was already scheduled to be out. We will, however, provide 3 days worth of meals at Thursday’s pick-up.

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