JOPLIN, Mo. — Campus is a little more colorful at one Joplin school this year. Art Teacher Debbie Zellmer has finished her latest mural at South Middle School. It features the school mascot — an eagle — and the school title. It’s the latest in a series of murals she’s created in the last six years — showing that even the concession stand can use a shot of school spirit.

“I love painting murals on the wall. I love that they’ve given me the opportunity to express myself on the walls and the kids you would not believe how much they enjoy painting on the walls. And they’re excited about the new one that’s coming up also,” said Zellmar.

Zellmer already has 8 murals under her belt at the school — including a history mural and a stylized eagle around the corner from it.

She’s already planning number 9 — which will have a sports theme.