Joplin School District plans to finalize their COVID protocols for the new school year


JOPLIN, MO – The Joplin School District releases its proposed plan for COVID protocols as students return to school.

This is a very detailed plan outlining mask usage, social distancing, and how vaccination affects those protocols.

“The proposal is a little bit less restrictive than it was last year but focusing on more of the high risk.” Says Jeff Koch, Joplin School Brd. Pres.

The proposed plan to stay safe going back to school covers 10 pages of details.

Rules including times when masks are required, like entering and leaving the building, when mixing with students outside their normal group, and in-between classes.

“So the idea is to limit the exposure, but then when you can be in a classroom with the people that you’re with, then you can you can have a little bit more of a sense of normal.” Koch says.

The plan calls for strict sanitizing, social distancing, limiting building access to visitors, and how students use school buses.

“Right now it’s it’s that you would wear a mask on the buses, you can’t really distance much on a bus.” Koch says.

Vaccinated students and employees will still have a wear a mask, but won’t have to quarantine in case of a COVID exposure.

And the proposed rules are different for optional extra-curricular activities versus what happens during the school day.

“Those students that are, I’ll say more willing to do those extra curricular activities, there’s a little more responsibility that goes with it.” Koch says.

The plan is preliminary at this point, it’s still up to the school board to finalize.

That’s expected to happen at a meeting tonight at 8:00p.m.

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