Joplin school bus drivers receive suicide prevention and fire training


JOPLIN, Mo. – Joplin school bus drivers get suicide prevention training this week in preparation for the new school year.

Suicide Prevention Training

A new Missouri law mandates certain school employees get the prevention training. But for Joplin Schools, they wanted to make sure every employee had the training.

Bus drivers have spent three days of covering a multitude of topics. Drivers in the past have actually noticed students acting different and made sure to let someone know to look out for them.

“We see all the kids everyday, in the morning, we transport about 3,000 students every day, We tell our drivers you’re the first one they see in the morning and the last one they see at night and you’re usually one that’s not involved with anything else so students may come more to being able to share things with you.”

Mike Bevis, Dir. of Transportation

Fire extinguisher training

That’s not the only training bus drivers have gotten this week. They also trained on how to put out fires on a bus with a fire extinguisher.

Wednesday’s lesson wasn’t just on that though, more importantly, they focused on how to get kids off the bus.

“It’s how to deal with fires but the best things is how to evacuate the kids, that’s the most important thing, how to get the kids off the bus, they can always replace a bus, but they can’t, us and the kids.”

Lorietta Mills, Bus Driver

Driver’s aids were also trained, they get a much different training, some in fact, get CPR lessons.

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