Joplin School Board works to solve Columbia Elementary structural problems


The Joplin School Board is creating a committee to figure out how to proceed with the Columbia Elementary structural problems.

Tonight at the board meeting, members discussed how last week’s tour of Columbia’s saferoom and other structural cracks impacted their opinions, the board agreed to create a long-term facility committee to decide how to proceed with the issue. The group will look at whether the school should invest more money into the splitting foundation of the saferoom or if they need to look at other options.

“And right now we are frustrated that the saferoom is not being used in the manner it was intended to be used, it’s being used for reasons other than protections from storms and things like that,” says Sharrock Dermott, Joplin School Board President.

School administrators will now decide who will be on that committee — board president Dermott saying hopefully before the next board meeting.

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