Joplin School Board tours Columbia Elementary to address structure problems


The Joplin School Board and other stakeholders are touring Columbia Elementary School to look at the extent of the structure problem.

They looked at the gym where a crack has expanded floor to ceiling from the building settling. District leaders also ventured outside to look at how the outside of the south wall of the building was holding up where most of the settling has occurred. The purpose of the tour was to help them see for their own eyes what the problems were in the building and how they can address them in the future.

“We are on a monitor basis on the east side of the building, so right now we are monitoring it weekly to make sure there’s not any future movement. We’ve talked to engineers and we’re just kind of in a wait and see period right now to determine at what point do we want to go ahead and do more expiration,” says Dr. Kerry Sachetta, Joplin Superintendent of Operations.

Dr. Sachetta says that they won’t invest any more money into the structure until they have more information on the options for repair.

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