Joplin School Board pays Webb City School District for student to attend Joplin


JOPLIN, Mo. – The Joplin School Board pays the Webb City School District more than $23,000 for a student.

School districts are able to provide education services to students that live in another district. They can do that if the students are placed by the Department of Mental Health, Department of Social Services or a court of competent jurisdiction. The district that teaches the children are then required to pay an amount based on local taxes for the district they’re from. Tuesday night’s meeting is a formal process to approve the expense.

“We bill other districts as well, our kids are placed in other or their kids are placed in our district as well as our kids being placed across the state so its for kids that are placed across the state.”

Sandra Cantwell, Student Services Exec. Dir.

The board says the amount could be for more than one student or for one student for an extended period of time.

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