Joplin School Board approves start date move


JOPLIN, Mo. — School this fall will be starting a little earlier than scheduled for Joplin students.

What big item did the Board of Education pass tonight?

Board members approved to move the upcoming school year’s first day to August 13th.

The original date was set for August 24.

Superintendent Doctor Melinda Moss says the district is eager to get kids back into the classroom, considering this school year was cut short.

Dr. Melinda Moss, Superintendent, Joplin School District, said, “Our kids have been gone too long. And we’re going to have summer school beginning June 1st and going to be our trial run to see how that goes as we develop our re-entry plans for August. We’re eager to re-engage our students and get them learning.”

Superintendent Doctor Moss will be submitting a request to change the first day of school to the Commissioner of Education for approval.

She adds, the district has been purchasing more PPE and cleaning materials as they prepare for Summer school.

And district employees can look forward to seeing an increase in their paychecks as early as July.

The Board of Education voted to use a total of $760,000 from the district’s budget for a salary increase.

School leaders say this raise will allow the district to offer a competitive salary in comparison to other schools in Southwest Missouri.

Ronald Langford, Assistant Superintendent of Business, Joplin School District, said, “Well, it’s extremely important we get good teachers with kids that are here for a period of time. So, attracting teachers, you have to have a salary schedule that’s an incentive or attractive and then we have to pay teachers while their here.”

Langford adds he hopes this wage increase will help with employee retention as well.

And this pay increase would be in affect for two years.

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