Joplin school board approves new technology for Franklin Tech Center


Joplin school board leaders approve numerous items at their meeting, one of them giving the Franklin Tech Center new technology for adult students.

The education center will get 50 new laptops – 30 for the nursing program and 20 for the surge tech program. The programs have not received new laptops in three years, so administrators hope that this will help them catch up to the new software available within these industries. Franklin Tech nursing students will also receive a new simulator that will give them an idea of what it’s like in an emergency situation. Both these programs are high-demand at Franklin Tech, and now administrators hope these new additions will keep them competitive.

“Our programs are amazing. And if we had the chance to give them the skills and knowledge and training and the education they need. That they can walk right into full time positions, that’s what we are all about,” says Penny Williams, Assistant Director of Post Secondary Education at FTC.

The new technology is funded through an enhancement grant from the state.

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