Joplin restaurant owners react to ordinance limiting number of guests


JOPLIN, Mo. — The city of Joplin has adopted an ordinance limiting the number of people who can be in a restaurant.

David Blum, Red Onion Cafe Owner, said, “Social distancing was probably the biggest shock to me on how the virus is spread.”

Red Onion Cafe Owner David Blum was ahead of the curve when it came to sanitation at his restaurant amid the coronavirus outbreak.

“We started that before all of the protocol because they were giving us all of the information. We are making a bigger effort to sanitize everything that a customer or employee would touch”

So when Joplin announced emergency guidelines that restrict gatherings, Blum was happy to have more guidance from the local government.

“They came up quickly with an answer to protect the businesses as much as they could and also protect the general public from the covid-19.”

The guidelines call for places that provide entertainment or offer table service for food or drinks to limit their capacity to half the venue’s recommended occupancy, up to a 50 person maximum.

Crabby’s Owner Damien Tiregol also thinks the temporary orders are needed to stop the spread of the virus but hopes it comes with some sort of financial help for local restaurants.

Damien Tiregol, Crabby’s Seafood Owner, said, “They understand the ramifications of putting a stranglehold on a certain type of business. I do wish there was some sort of relief provided along with the limitations. It is going to take a serious collective of minds to get together and try to figure out how we get back to where we were just a week ago.”

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