Joplin residents will vote on “Proposition Action” online use tax on November 2nd


JOPLIN, Mo. — From safer streets and economic development — to addressing homelessness.

There’s a lot at stake in the Joplin election next week. Action 12’s Gretchen Bolander breaks down what’s at stake in the ballot question — “Proposition Action.”

Joplin voters are already making plans to head to the polls next week.

“Of course I am, I’m going to vote for it – we need that money,” said Shirley Heeney, Joplin Voter.

“I think they’re trying to add more tax to the citizens. And we don’t need to pay more tax,” said John Rains, Joplin Voter.

“I’m not sure yet really. I’m still reading the pamphlets on it,” said Johnny Sue Howard Joplin Voter.

The focus is a potential use tax for purchases made online from Joplin.

“It mirrors the same local. The local sales tax, it’s not an additional sales tax on on locally purchased goods, but it is a it is a tax on goods that are purchased online and shipped, shipped to a Joplin address,” said Nick Edwards, Joplin City Manager.

Currently three and one-eighth of a percent. It’s estimated to raise between three and four million dollars a year. That would pay for a long list of goals, starting with improving declining neighborhoods.

“Some of the other bigger ticket action plans would be to direct more resources to our public safety groups, our police and fire departments that we have adequate staffing in or pay challenges they’re addressed. And so some of the others are looking at a housing revitalization plan,” said Edwards.

Other goals include addressing homelessness, economic development, boosting the community appearance, and resilient revenue. It would also eliminate what some call an internet advantage.

“Our local businesses are in a disadvantage compared to their online counterparts. And so that’s not that’s not that’s not something that is good for the business climate here. And so proposition actually would level the playing field by making the tax rates virtually the same,” said Edwards.

Voters will decide the issue on November 2nd. If you’d like more details on “Proposition Action” — click here.

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