Joplin releases retail report


The city releases a new report detailing the busiest cash registers in Joplin, breaking down millions of dollars in retail spending.

It’s the analysis of the top 100 sales tax producers. And that total alone accounts for more than seven million dollars in the first quarter.

“I eat at a lot of restaurants,” says Barry Brown, Joplin.

Maybe Barry Brown’s favorite way to contribute to the local economy.

“I’m particularly fond of the Thai restaurants in Joplin,” says Brown.

Grocery shopping is also high on his list. Restaurants and grocery stores are just a couple of categories on the top 100 list in Joplin. The quarterly report breaks down how people are spending their money in town, starting with discount stores. It’s the biggest single category by far, but also down from the first quarter of Fiscal Year 2018. Restaurants and convenience stores also dropped in the three month period, part of an overall decrease of 2.7 percent. But there are some increases, like vehicle sales.

“When you’re talking about a $10 thousand vehicle, it doesn’t take long to get to a million dollars,” says Ken Surbrugg, MO Small Biz Development Center.

Ken Surbrugg with the Missouri Small Business Development Center points out that Joplin is a regional draw for auto sales and retail in general. He points to another report from national consultant ESRI detailing more than half a billion dollars in sales near Joplin’s busiest street.

“Just in that report it shows the 7th and Range Line area – one mile from that – is a huge draw. We saw a lot more than what’s expected to be sold. That means there are people or individuals coming in from outside that area to do business,” says Surbrugg.

The top 100 report saw a drop of 2 percent for the first quarter – that’s a reverse from 2018. That compares to a 10 percent increase for the 2018 fiscal year.

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