JOPLIN, Mo. — Goals can’t be achieved if they’re not initially set, and that’s what’s taking place at the Joplin Public Library.

Jane Fethers is a regular at the Joplin Public Library, and she can’t think of anything the staff could possibly do to improve the facility as well as the many programs offered there.

Jane Fethers, said, “I love it, I come her almost everyday I check out books, put in requests for books, I shop at the little section of donations, I’ve use the computer many times.”

But Library Director, Jeana Gockley says she doesn’t want the facility and the people who work there to rest on their laurels. She thinks there’s room for improvement, both now and especially in the future, hence the 2021 through 2025 strategic plan.

Jeana Gockley, Joplin Library Director, said, “And so there have been multiple people involved in that process, the Library Board of Trustees is a component of that, the administrative staff at the Library and then just volunteers and some other people have been integral with coming up with that plan.”

Gockley says the time was right to plot a new course into the future, since the last strategic plan expired back in 2018.

“We’re really focusing on five major components, we’re calling them key result areas, and those include service, awareness, outreach, inclusion and enrichment, and those are the main things we’re focusing on.”

One aspect of the initiative has to do with people that are new to the Joplin Public Library.

“Going to have a renewed focus on our new library card holders, we want to more fully welcome them to the library whenever they sign up for a library card, that could include staff taking additional time with them, finding out what they’re really focused on and sharing some other details about library service with them, it could include a follow up phone call or email to them and make sure they found what they needed.”