Joplin Public Library launches Schooling At Home program


JOPLIN, Mo. — More and more parents are opting to keep their kids at home this school year. So, the Joplin Public Library is offering their resources and assistants for those families.

The Joplin Public Library has a new program called Schooling At Home.

It’s designed to help navigate that process, especially for first time learning at home families.

Christina Matekel, Children’s Librarian, said, “Provide information to families who are just starting out on that journey who may not know or may be curious about things like standards, curriculum options resources that the library offers both in person and through our electronic resources.”

One of the main goals of this initiative is to get the word out to the community that there’s a lot more here at the library than physical books.

Even before the Schooling At Home program was rolled out Wednesday, she understood the benefits the library offers her and her four children that are learning virtually this school year.

Melissa Rose, Frequent Library Visitor, said, “We come here because uh it’s hard to get enough internet when four, all four of them are on the same WiFi.”

“There’s access to the internet regardless of whether the library’s open, you can be at the far corner of the parking lot, we have an outdoor classroom area so internet is always available there as well,” said Matekel.

“My oldest has one course every two weeks, so she gets her assignment list and she can work at her own pace, she can do it all today or take the two weeks to do it and as soon as she’s finished with it they move her on to the next course, and they’re assigned assignments daily the boys are,” said Rose.

If students need or want books that aren’t already in the library, they can request them from other libraries.

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