Joplin police says use of force is down


Officers with the Joplin Police Department say, despite making more arrests, use of force is down.

According to the third quarter report, officers with the Joplin Police Department used force one in every 67 arrests this past quarter. that’s down from the same time last year, where use of force was used one in every 43 arrests. Joplin police say nearly 300 more people were arrested this year than during the third quarter in 2016.

Cpt. Trevor Duncan, Joplin Police Depart.: “Obviously our officers are always trying to make arrests without using force. Force is something they want to prevent using unless they have to, and then they’re trying to use the reasonable amount of force to make that arrest.”

The Joplin Police Department will continue to review the use of force statistics in an effort to improve their service.

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