Joplin police investigate stolen mail reports


Joplin police are investigating several reports of mail being stolen from mailboxes.

JPD says it’s not just one area being targeted, as it is happening all over the city. Police recommend that people do not leave mail in the mailbox overnight, and you check your mail as soon as possible after it arrives.

If you go out of town, make arrangements with the post office or with someone you trust to get the mail for you. And always be vigilant for suspicious activity in the area.

“People just need to watch out for suspicious people that you know they don’t recognize from their neighborhoods, or suspicious cars driving around slowly. You know, always give us a call about an suspicious circumstances,” says Cpl. Paul Rowe, Joplin Police Department.

JPD is still investigating the mail theft incidents. If you have any information or would like to report an theft, you can call 417-623-3131.

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