Joplin police find vehicle connected to home invasion


Joplin police say they’ve found a vehicle connected to a home invasion earlier today.

A Joplin police detective spotted the red Dodge Ram near Scotland and 7th before two this afternoon. Authorities found stolen property inside of the truck. Joplin police say they’ve arrested one male out of the truck for stolen property but haven’t confirmed if he played a role in the home invasion at this time.

This all started just before 8:30 this morning when JPD responded to the northeast part of downtown for an invasion and robbery. An older woman says two men forced their way inside her home, tied her up, and took her valuables and her car. They then abandoned her car nearby, and left in the car they had arrived in.

Authorities are searching for a 5 foot 10 white male, with black hair, a small mustache, and wearing a ball cap with a brown or camouflage coat. The second is described as a taller white male. If you have any information, call 417-623-3131 extension 634 or 911.

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