Joplin organization pushes for veterans suicide awareness and prevention


An estimated twenty veterans a day in the US take their own lives.

And with September being National Suicide Awareness and Prevention Month, veterans in the Four States are working to change that statistic.

Compass Quest was an organization started five years ago for that purpose.

Ted Donaldson, an organization advocate, says there are some signs to look for that might indicate a veteran is contemplating suicide.

And if you spot them, you might be surprised how easily you might be able to stop that dangerous train of thought.

“Just say, ‘Hey, are you okay?'” Donaldson explained. “And whenever you do that, it may be something as simple as that that interrupts that thought pattern that may be going down a dark path, and that really stops where that is going.”

Donaldson says a veteran or someone worried about a veteran considering suicide can call the Ozark Center Crisis Hotline 24 hours a day at (880)247-0661. You can also access more information on resources by clicking here.

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