Joplin offering disposal sites for real Christmas trees


JOPLIN, Mo. — Joplin residents have options when it comes to disposing of their natural Christmas trees.

The city offers three different locations where residents can drop off their trees once they have taken them down.

Recycling coordinator Mary Anne Phillips says the trees that are dropped off at those locations will not end up in any area landfills.

She says they’ll be chipped up and can be used for gardening or landscaping purposes.

But she says there is one thing you must do to your trees before you drop them off.

Mary Anne Phillips, Joplin Recycling Coordinator, said, “We beg people, take all the decorations off of the tree, all the tinsel, everything because if it has contamination on it then it’s not a good candidate for fish habitat or to be ground up.”

Those drop off locations include the Joplin Public Works Center at 1301 West 2nd St., Humphrey Park on Utica Street in the Royal Heights area, and McIndoe park at Glendale Rd. and Jackson Ave. in the Southwest corner of the parking lot.

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