NEWTON COUNTY, Mo. — Thursday morning just before 10:30 a.m. reports of a shooting occurred in the county, north of Seneca, 3966 Kentucky Road. 

Newton County Sheriff’s Deputies and arrived and located an adult male deceased, David Wesley Stotts, apparent victim of gunshot wounds. 

Susette Anderson, 62, of Seneca, Mo. has been charged with Murder in the First Degree and Armed Criminal Action according to a release of information from Newton Co Prosecuting Attorney, William Lynch. 

Anderson is currently being held on a no-bond warrant in the Newton County jail.

This case was investigated by members of the Newton County Sheriff’s Office, the case will be prosecuted by the Newton County Prosecutor’s Office.


According to a probable cause affidavit from NCSO Detective J.D. Hornback … “A male ‘witness’ advised during interview that Mrs. Anderson contacted him this morning. Witness advised Mrs. Anderson asked him to watch her house because she needed to do some errands. Witness advised upon arriving at her house, he got out of his car and hollered for Mrs. Anderson. 

Witness then advised he heard Mrs. Anderson shouting something loud like she was in distress. Witness advised he then heard several gunshots and then saw Mrs. Anderson walking toward him carrying a gun. Witness advised Mrs. Anderson told him she shot ‘him’.

Mrs. Anderson then told witness she needed him to be a witness. Witness advised she told him she was attacked by him and needed help to do chest compressions. Witness then advised they walked over to a trailer and saw Mr. Stotts on the ground. Witness advised Mrs. Anderson told him to put something in his hand witness advised he was afraid he would be shot so he did what she told him to do. He put a rock in his hand then a stick in a metal rod. 

Witness further stated he did not see Mrs. Anderson shoot Mr. starts the first time but he did see her get close to him, pointed gun towards his head and neck area and shot him while he was on the ground. Witness advised Mr. Stotts had his hands raised above his head and saw Mrs. Anderson kick his hands down. 

Witness advised while Mrs. Anderson was talking on the phone to dispatch she pretended to do chest compressions but was only using her fingers and not pushing down on his chest. Witness advised he took over chest compression while Mrs. Anderson went back to her house. Mrs. Anderson advised she saw Mr. Stotts in the field next to the trailer and Winnebago. Mrs. Anderson advised she purchased the trailer from Mr. Stotts and thought he was stealing it.

Mrs. Anderson advised she was on the phone with dispatch and knew law enforcement officers were on the way to her house. Mrs. Anderson advised she went to confront him when he attacked her and she shot him. Mrs. Anderson advised she had two guns with her when she confronted Mr. Stotts. 

I advised Mrs. Anderson what the witness had stated in his interview. Mrs. Anderson then admitted to shooting Mr. Stotts using both guns. Mrs. Anderson admitted to shooting Mr. Stotts while he was on his back on the ground.”


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