The site plan review for a “Whataburger” location in Joplin was approved by a City Council vote of 9-to-0.

JOPLIN, Mo. — A popular fast food restaurant is one step closer to becoming a reality in Joplin.

At tonight’s Joplin City Council Meeting (10/3), the site plan review for Whataburger, which will be located just south of 20th Street on Rangeline Road, was approved by vote of 9-to-0.

The next step for the project developer of the new Whataburger, is to submit plans for a building permit.

Also at tonight’s Joplin City Council Meeting, the site of Rangeline Golf Center was rezoned to allow for plans to construct a virtual golf facility, based on the concept of TopGolf.

A company called Long Shots plans to construct a new, multi-layer virtual driving range.

The current plan is to keep the nine-hole golf course on the back side of the property, but update the miniature golf course that’s located in the front.

The plan also calls for a new restaurant to be constructed.

Long Shots will now have to submit site plans for the Rangeline Golf Center location.