JOPLIN, Mo. — A US Senate candidate was in Joplin today

Lucas Kunce held a town hall at Landreth Park this evening.

It was part of his ongoing campaign to visit communities throughout the state ahead of the primary election.

Kunce is looking to fill the seat held by Republican Roy Blunt, who announced last year he would not seek re-election.

Today Kunce conducted a Q & A where potential voters could adress their concerns.

Topics included discussion about gun violence, abortion rights, elimination of the filibuster and prescription drugs.

“This is who I want to represent in the US Senate, too many people who are elected go to Congress, go to the Senate, they’re just there to represent the folks who pay their campaign checks, you know the big companies that are funding them, and so for me, I’m not taking money from corporate pacts, these are the people who are most important to me and I want to fundamentally change who has power in this country, for folks like this. You know I grew up broke, we didn’t have any money in my neighborhood, my family went bankrupt from medical bills, this is happening all around our state, and it’s people like that I want to represent, I want to take care of so we all have a decent shot in this country,” says Lucas Kunce, US Senate Candidate.

Kunce will face off against other Democratic candidates in the primary on August 2nd.

The general election will then take place on November 8th.