JOPLIN, Mo. — Local workers are getting ready for the launch of the new crisis hotline next month.

9-8-8 will kick off as a suicide lifeline. Ozark Center will host the 24 – 7 operation and is currently in the process of installing new technology and office space for the expanded staff.

They point out that the hotline will help with a wide range of emotional and behavioral health crises.

“That means you can be having stress, depression, insomnia, thoughts of self-harm, maybe substance use, parenting problems, homelessness, food insecurity, need help with utilities. It really is a one-stop to get help 24 hours a day,” said Debbie Fitzgerald, Ozark Center

Ozark Center is one of 200 agencies nationwide to launch the 9-8-8 hotline next month.

Funding from the national suicide prevention lifeline’s 9-8-8 State Planning Grant is helping to cover startup costs.