LAMAR, Mo. — The Lamar Police Department state they received theft reports from businesses Tuesday into Wednesday, January 5 and 6.

Jones Plumbing, Heating & AC and Good Samaritan Thrift Store/Food Pantry reported thefts. It’s unknown what was reported stolen.

Investigators have now arrested two people and submitted charges to the Barton County Prosecuting Attorney.

  • Hiram Christopher Ruth, 40, of Lamar, Mo.
  • Georgia D Sauerwin, 31, of Lamar, Mo.



December 30 Barton Co. Prosecutor, Mike Smalley, announced on social media he is attempting to make the prosecutor job full time. Currently it is a part time, 20 hours per week job. He has a deadline of January 19 to collect 620 signatures to have it placed before all voters on the April ballot.

“Many of you may not be aware that the Barton County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office is a part-time office. I knew that when I ran for the office. The last 2 years have shown me that there is a need for the office to be full-time.

I need your support if we are going to continue to fight crime in our great county. Our county currently has a full-time city police department, full-time sheriff’s department, full-time court staff, full-time judge. Why do we not need a full-time prosecuting attorney? The answer here is: WE DO. Jury trials, court dockets and everything else required to run this office can not be done in 20 hours a week. At least not effectively. I believe our county deserves more.

The law allows that the question be put on the ballot if ten percent of the total number of people who voted in the previous general election in the county sign a petition for the question to be decided by the voters in Barton County.

I have started collecting signatures to petition the County to place this question on the ballot for April 6, 2021. I need your support!! I need your signature and I have a deadline of January 19, 2021 to collect a minimum of 620 signatures of registered Barton County voters.

Signing the petition does not mean that you are for or against the question. It merely puts the question on the ballot for the voters to decide.

To sign the petition, or to help me collect signatures, please stop by my office at 201 West 10th Street, Lamar, MO, call 417-682-5000.”Mike Smalley, Barton Co. Prosecuting Attorney