JOPLIN, Mo. — Right around 8:30 PM Saturday evening two vehicle crash occured at 26th and South Wall. The traffic signal pole was struck as well as the new Gringo’s sign.

Joplin Police tell us this evening that the two vehicle crash struck the street signal pole. Joplin Public Works officials arrived on the scene to repair a pole that was struck and a traffic signal that was hanging off the pole.

You can see in our video the Gringo’s sign was also struck in the crash and now has no electricity to illuminate it.

Signal dangling off of the traffic pole. Joplin Public Works responded to repair late Saturday evening.

One adult male was transported to a Joplin area hospital with non-life threatening injuries. On the top of his vehicle was a Pizza Hut Delivery sign. We did not attempt to contact him due to him being transported to the hospital.

Metro Towing and Rosenburg Recovery were utilized to remove the vehicles from the roadway. Joplin Fire Department responded to the crash and METS ambulance transported.