JOPLIN, Mo. — When it comes to the fight against homelessness, every little bit helps.

If there’s one thing that Dianna Gurley has come to expect as Executive Director of Souls Harbor, it’s the unexpected.

She says you truly have no idea of what’s going to happen from one day to the next.

“Just when things get the heaviest, well then the Lord sends along someone like miss Annabella who lifts our hearts and lifts our minds and is able to set us back on the track,” said Gurley.

Case in point, this letter in the mail from 8-year-old Annabella Keith of Southwest City.

“I had a craft sale and got $52 just from my family. I know this will go into good hands, take care, God bless everyone,” said Annabella Keith, Souls Harbor Donor.

Gurley says the letter brought tears to her eyes. Not because of the amount, but because of the intent.

“When you see a young one like this whose heart is just in it for homeless people and just really cares about what happens to other people in the world, we were just really overwhelmed. So, it was just very encouraging to us,” said Gurley.

Keith lives a long way from Joplin and had never heard of Souls Harbor before.

Not so for her mom, whose first name not surprisingly is Charity.

“We attend the Full Gospel Church in Southwest City and there have been times in which our church has come to volunteer and donate time and so I was aware of all the good things Souls Harbor did, and then when Annabella said she wanted to donate money to someone in need I remembered this place,” said Charity Keith, Annabella’s Mom.

“Well I just thought I should because I felt sorry for all the people who didn’t have a home and I wanted to donate to help them,” said Annabella Keith.

So do small donations like this really make a difference? Dianna Gurley says yes, they do.

Right now, Souls Harbor is on pace to give out double the number of food baskets this year than they did all of last year.

Already this year, the ministry, which has been filled to capacity for several months, has also given out 6,100 food baskets for people in need compared to 6,900 in total for 2021, and she already knows exactly what she’ll use the money for.

“Buy vegetables, because our mother’s always tell us to eat vegetables. We have a certificate of appreciation for your fight against homelessness. It’s a big fight and it takes a lot of people to get the job done and we’re just happy you want to be on board to make that happen,” said Gurley.

But Annabelle’s fundraising efforts are just getting started. She’s hosting a bake sale in Southwest City this weekend with the proceeds going to the Ronald McDonald House of the Four States