JASPER COUNTY, Mo. — About 9:00 a.m. Jasper County Emergency Communications were alerted to reports of an SUV crash north of Alba, Mo. on State Route O.

Tri-Cities Fire, Jasper County Sheriff’s Deputies and METS ambulance responded emergency. Missouri State Highway Patrol were notified. 

Tpr B. Crockett of Troop D tells us on the scene the driver says she fell asleep. SUV was traveling north, left the roadway and then jumped over the water, barely hitting the shoreline on the other side, then overturning.

The adult female was transported with injuries unknown however she was awake and alert when being transported. 

She was wearing her seat belt. 

We anticipate more information regarding this crash later Friday. Click here then set our FSHP news tab as a bookmark on your phone or digital device.