ERIK, Okla. (KSNT, WDAF & KFOR) — The Amber Alert on Saturday was cancelled after the suspect, Donny Jackson, 40, father of the two abducted girls, was taken into custody by Oklahoma authorities. He is also alleged to have killed two boys, his own, when the abduction occurred earlier in the day.

According to Oklahoma Highway Patrol, a trooper overheard Beckham County dispatch broadcasting a vehicle matching the description of the suspect’s getting fuel at the 26 mile marker on I-40 near Beckham County. Two troopers headed west and also notified Texas authorities. 

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol said at about 7 p.m., a truck driver, Moez Somrani, spotted Donny Jackson’s car on I-40 driving westbound towards Texas.

A Department of Public Safety Port of Entry officer was waiting at exit 7 and watched the vehicle drive by. The officer pulled up behind the vehicle and flashed his emergency lights. The vehicle kept driving but eventually stopped after taking a nearby exit. Two minutes later, state troopers and Beckham County deputies arrived and helped take Jackson into custody.

Somrani is being called a hero by many. But the truck driver tells our sister station WDAF, Kansas City, “I don’t call it a hero. It’s good for everybody to help. I got the Amber Alert, and I saw it again on the highway. I saw it, and passing by I saw a guy that matches the description. Honda Accord and the guy with the long beard like they described on the [Amber Alert]. He passed me and I saw the license plate and I was sure it was him. They told me don’t hang up, the sheriff’s department or sheriff’s office and not even two minutes after that, I saw the state trooper got him. Thank God he got him. The girls are safe. I help people whenever I can.”


“On October 24 2020, Logan Jackson,14, and Austin Jackson,12, lives were tragically taken from them. Tara is now faced with the overwhelming task of paying for a funeral for her two sons. She will also face many other unknowns in the future. Nora and Aven, were reunited with Tara after a multi state amber alert, will undoubtedly need help to get through this tragic event as well. Please help Tara in any way you can.” – GO FUND ME


Saturday afternoon in Joplin there was a reported sighting of a vehicle matching the Amber Alert description. Missouri State Highway Patrol, Duquesne Police Department and Joplin Police were observed searching parking lots near 15th and South Rangeline but it was unfounded.

The actual vehicle is believed to have traveled southwest of Leavenworth, Kansas, into Oklahoma. Jackson was taken into custody just 7 miles short of the Texas state line on I-40.

ORIGINAL: LEAVENWORTH, Kan. — The Kansas Bureau of Investigation suspects Donny Jackson has abducted his daughters after authorities found two juvenile males murdered at a home in Leavenworth.

6:58 p.m. — The Jackson sisters were located shortly before 7 p.m. according to the KBI. The car was found by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol. The suspect is in custody near Erick, OK.

LOCATED: Nora and Aven Jackson. Suspect in abduction and double murder. Donny Jackson initially was in Erik, Oklahoma, police custody.

6:38 p.m. — The AMBER Alert for 7-year-old Nora Jackson and 3-year-old Aven Jackson has been extended to Arkansas and Texas.

4:43 p.m. — Officers have determined the time of the abduction and homicide is unknown. An adult discovered the bodies and called 911 around 3 p.m., sparking the investigation and AMBER Alert, but police have not determined when the initial killing and abduction occurred.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol is also issuing an AMBER Alert to help find the two girls.

3:30 p.m. — The Leavenworth County Sheriff’s Office said it responded to a 911 call near the 14900 block of Hillside Road and found two boys dead at a home there. They also determined at the scene that Nora Jackson, 7, and Aven Jackson, 3, were missing.

The KBI said the abduction suspect is the girls’ father, Donny Jackson, who was last seen driving a black Honda Accord with Kansas license plate number 266MXB. The 40-year-old is 5-foot-11 and 190 pounds with brown hair and blue eyes.

Nora has blonde-brown hair with blue or hazel eyes. Aven has blonde hair and blue eyes. Police do not know what either of the girls were wearing at the time of the abduction.