JOPLIN, Mo. — The City of Joplin announced today that stormwater work near 10th Street and Main Street is now complete.

The completed work also means that West 10th Street can now re-open, and the signal on Main Street is operational again.

City officials stated that this stormwater system project will provide a more efficient conveyance system in the area, as well as improved sidewalk surfaces.

An Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) ramp was also installed at the 10th Street intersection on the west side of Main.

Streetscaping to the area will soon be completed, as pavers will be added to the sidewalk on Main Street in the coming weeks, City officials said.

Southwest Missouri Traffic was the prime contractor on the job, with D-and-E Plumbing and Heating as the sub-contractor.

The project was funded through the Parks and Stormwater Sales Tax, which voters renewed in 2021.