JOPLIN, Mo. — A weekend theft was posted to our community action group, Joplin Area Stolen Items. Can you help? Do you recognize this vehicle or the two men? Report is filed with the Joplin Police Department, 417-623-3131, click 0, then ask for Sgt. on duty if you have any information.

Since 2018 Joplin News First Community Action Group Joplin Area Stolen Items has assisted law enforcement in locating countless items like: vehicles, pets, lawn furniture, jewelry, heirlooms, electronics, bicycles, motorcycles, Amazon/UPS/USPS packages etc. 

  • #1 Short description what occurred including date and time frame. 
  • #2 CANNOT include names of people accused of stealing XX items. The post will be deleted. However you can include actual videos and photos of people and their faces. Do not name them. If people name them in comments, that is allowed. The person posting cannot. 
  • #3 Must include a photo of item(s) stolen. If there is no photo. Then pull a similar photo from the internet. And say “similar photo”.
  • #4 Name the police agency or department was it reported to, this is not a vigilante group. A police report needs to be on file to what was stolen to make this a legitimate stolen item or your post could be deleted.

Joplin Area Stolen Items is a community service of Joplin News First and moderated by our TOP FAN moderators.

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