JOPLIN, Mo. — Leaders at the Joplin School District are still crunching numbers for the 2023 budget, but say some classrooms will see a boost.

Governor Mike Parson has added supplemental state funding for the end of the 2022 budget, and extra cash is also included in the proposed budget for 2023.

The transportation category, alone, means an extra $1.4 million for the Joplin School District. That boost to an existing line item will allow local funds to be spent elsewhere.

“We’re still working on all the budgets right now but we are hoping to get some of that into the classrooms where we have pulled supply budgets, has been really limited in the past. So we’re hoping to add a little bit to that everywhere,” said Shelly Toft, Joplin R-8 Chief Financial Officer.

The district will start the new budget, estimated at $90 million, on July 1st.