JOPLIN, Mo. — A local data company has a new partnership with a cyber security service provider.

“Stronghold Data” is an IT service provider for local small to middle-size businesses and markets.

They just announced their new partnership with Cyber74, a cyber security provider. This partnership will allow for stronger cyber security and information technology protection, for the businesses that both companies serve.

Stronghold Data officials say cyber security is becoming a bigger issue, even in small communities and small businesses.

“Many people think they’re too small to be a target, they’re actually the easiest target now. So, now they have to invest into some level of cyber security, so that they can protect their business, just to keep doing the things that they’ve been doing for years. Cyber security for small-medium businesses has become a critical field to address, from a business owner’s perspective,” said James Richards, CEO, Stronghold Data.

Richards says many insurance agencies are now requiring employers to have strong cyber security measures.