JASPER COUNTY, Mo. (Rural Carthage) — Shortly after 3:30 PM on Tuesday Carthage Fire and Mercy EMS responded to County Road 120, northeast of Carthage, just south of Kafir Road. A semi tractor trailer had rolled into the ditch.

Missouri State Highway Patrol Trooper Cook told us that the driver overcorrected and went into the east ditch. The vehicle was traveling southbound. The driver was uninjured and driver refused transport by Mercy EMS, marking this a non-injury crash.

M&M Wrecker were summoned by authorities.

The Jasper County Health Department were contacted to inspect the load the semi was carrying. A reported 43,000 lbs of cheese in a refrigerated unit. The unit had stopped working sometime after the crash. The trailer appeared to not be breached, or broken open.

The trailer and semi were set upright and moved away sucessfully without breaching the box shortly after 6:00 PM. It’s not known the status of the load and the health department decision. We will update this story here as more information is available.

ORIGINAL STORY :::: JASPER COUNTY, Mo. (Rural Carthage) — Shortly after 3:30 PM on Tuesday Carthage Fire were dispatched to a reported semi on it’s side near Kafir and CR 120 northeast of Carthage.

Jasper County Sheriff’s Deputies and Missouri State Highway Patrol also responded, radio reports stated the driver appeared uninjured.

At this time it’s unknown what the refrigerated unit was hauling, but it is leaking diesel fuel. You are asked to avoid the area as it will take a period of hours to upright the truck and trailer and County Road 120 will be blocked south of Kafir.

More information as it becomes available. Shannon Becker will have a live report for Joplin News First and Four States Home Page.

UPDATE: The driver refused medical treatment. Troopers tell us the driver overcorrected, traveling southbound on CR120, south of Kafir. CR120 is closed for an unknown amount of time.

The semi was hauling a refrigerated load, 43,000 lbs. Contents are thought to be cheese or cheese products and the Jasper County Health Department has been notified.

M&M Wrecker are working to upright the trailer and truck. It is parallel to the east of Red Oak II.