MONETT, Mo. — For more than 130 years, a grain silo located at 7th and Front St. in Monett has sat. In 2020 during the pandemic an Ozarks muralist began a weeks-long painting of a patriotic mural.

The artist, Raine Clotfelter, America’s Muralist, lives in Branson, Missouri. He’s been to Monett before to paint the city mural. 

“When we did their city mural, we had already painted the history of Monett. So they were saying, ‘What would you do?’ I was like, ‘How about something for our country, something nice and patriotic,’” says Raine.

Raine has painted nearly 200 murals around America. He says the history of the silo represents the history of the economy in the United States. It overlooks the downtown Monett rail yard. 

“The history of this [silo] ties in with the railroad, the farmers here, the city. It’s a nice, well preserved historical piece, so we are painting it,” Raine told OzarksFirst in July 2020 while painting.

He says putting the project together with the city began in 2018.

The mural is of a Bald Eagle with an American flag behind it. 

The silo is 55 feet tall and 88 feet wide. The painted surface is a 270-degree rotation, which is about 80% of the silo. 

The Freedom Silo was dedicated nearly one year ago, October 10, 2020. Click here for a Google Map link to take you there. Look for the Freedom Silo next time you are downtown Monett. 

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