(64804) — If you are from Joplin and over 40? Most likely you have at least one memory of Redings Mill pool.

I remember going to Reding’s Mill Pool a few times as a kid. It was very cold. I did not like the “polar bear” day for sure. I believe that’s when they would fill the pool for a day with new freezing cold water from the spring.

Another memory not sure I can confirm but I remember hearing the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders sunbathed here one day. Now that’s legendary.


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In August of 1926, Reding’s Mill, Inc. began developing an incredible resort on the banks of Shoal Creek south of Joplin. One of the first things to be built was a huge oval swimming pool, the largest in the district at 175 by 250 feet.

The pool offered the latest in water sports, from swinging rings and a large toboggan slide to smaller slides. It also boasted the coldest pool in the region, filled with natural spring-fed water.

A patio and pavilion, complete with dressing rooms and a grill, all designed with stucco and red tile in the Spanish style, added to the ambience.

West of the pool lay the kiddie pool and a enthralling lagoon fed by an Ozark brook. Walkers could wander down a boardwalk promenade that meandered along the stream.

Nearby, a scenic drive, golf links, guest cabins, and the residential districts of Shoalsburg and Broadlawn, were also being developed.

After serving area bathers for almost sixty years, Reding’s Mill pool closed for good in 1985. – Joplin Public Library, Post Memorial Art Reference Library


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