“Proposition B passes!! Thank you to everyone that helped pass this proposition and a special thank you to all the voters who continue to support us.”

Joplin Professional Firefighters L59 @Local59

  JOPLIN, Mo., — Voter turnout was lower, but that’s to be expected on a non-presidential year of November voting.Joplin residents were faced with with only one item on the ballot. Proposition B.

  It passed with a resounding ‘yes’ from voters.

  • 77% YES 3,352    vs    23% NO 974

The Proposition was only voted on by registered voters in the city of Joplin.  We don’t have exact voting numbers for Joplin.  However registered voters  in all of Jasper County, 77,443 in 2018.  Joplin is the largest town in the county.  And in all of Newton County 39,566 in 2018. These are numbers according to the Mo Sec of State. Joplin covers both counties. This proposition had to have a majority of votes to pass, 51%.

“Thank you to the citizens of Joplin for your continued support of your police officers and firefighters. I also want to thank everyone that worked on this effort to include City Staff, the Citizens Task Force, the FOP and IAFF. This is another example of how great Joplin truly is!”

Joplin Police Chief Matt Stewart

“From the officers at the FOP, we want to say THANK YOU to the citizens of Joplin for supporting us and passing Proposition B tonight! We are greatful to work in a community that cares for its police officers and firefighters to the extent you all do. This is a major turning point for public safety in Joplin and we look forward to starting this new chapter! God bless you all!”

Fraternal Order of Police

“This yes vote on Prop B is the citizens way of telling our police offices and firefighters we’ve got your back and thank you for what you do. This issue has set a precedence for how the city formed a collaborative work group to get everyone involved in developing a solution to a tough problem. A solution that I hope they continue to move forward with.”

Chuck Copple, Ret. Joplin Fire Battalion Chief & Co-Chair Citizens Task Force for Prop B