JOPLIN, Mo. — A nice pre-Thanksgiving treat, today, for the hard-working employees of a Joplin nonprofit.

Pizza and pie were on the menu at “Joplin Workshops.”

KODE’s own Mike Olmstead and Ray Foreman were part of the serving crew, who loved spending time there.

“JWI” provides employment for folks with disabilities.

Folks who, in turn, do a number of jobs at the facility for businesses both here in the Four States and across the country.

And some told us what they’re thankful for this year.

“For everybody to be here at this workshop, and yeah, so I’m thankful for everybody’s here for the holiday,” said Dusty.

“Everything,” said Jim.

“The pizza,” said Mike.

“The pizza especially,” said Jim.

“I’m thankful for Thanksgiving every year, because we can have a little Thanksgiving dinner and we can havin’ be with the friends and enjoy everybody,” said Mary.

“Are you hopin’ the Chiefs win the Super Bowl again this year?” said Mike Olmstead.

“Yeah. They are gonna, they are gonna win it,” said Larry.

“It’s always nice to come together, ’cause we are a family and so, this is kind of our sense of community right here,” said Jeff Jones, JWI Executive Director.

“And tell me the truth, who do you like better? Me or Ray?” said Mike.

“Both of ya’. I’ll take both of ya’. If the one wears out, I’ll take the other one,” said Mary.

“Joplin Workshops” has been a fixture in the Joplin community for 56 years.