UPDATE: The Jasper City Council and Mayor wrapped their closed-door meeting at 10:15 PM Wednesday night and some exited by a rear door to the alley to be met by tv cameras and citizens who support the reinstatement of Chief Karr.

The decision was to have further investigation into the matter. Chief Karr would remain on administrative duty. And the city would supeona Karr’s employment records of his time at the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office.

The discussion between citizens and the mayor became very heated behind Jasper City Hall as police were standing nearby.

JASPER, Mo. — Friday, June 5, Chief Chadwick Michael Karr of the Jasper, Missouri, Police Department was placed on administrative duty, meaning he can still perform daily office tasks, after complaints were received regarding a social media post.

The late May FB post was in regards to the death of George Floyd and his personal opinion on what occurred in Minnesota.

Karr’s post appeared on his personal FB page. He removed it a few days later quietly with an apology.

It’s unknown as of the writing of this article if the city of Jasper had a social media policy for their employees in place at the time when speaking from thier private accounts.


It was decided that June 17 during a regularly scheduled Jasper City Council meeting the public would be given a chance to speak regarding Chief Karr. Then there will be a special closed session at the end regarding disciplinary action or reinstatement of Chief Karr’s duties.

A large crowd of supporters lined the sidewalk in front of city hall with signs and chanting prior to the meeting Wednesday evening.

Karr enjoys great popularity in the town and has a very outspoken stance against drugs since he was hired in 2016. As a former investigator for the (now defunct) Jasper County Drug Task Force, he is tenacious when it comes to finding drugs in his town. One man mentioned during the city council meeting stating, he has ‘cleaned up the town of almost all the meth.’

His department has started an annual Christmas for Kids Party, Halloween Safe Kids Party, Various Feeding Programs for Kids and recognizing kids at Jasper Birthday Parties.

In 2018 Cpl Warren Hildebrandt was added to his force and part of his duties include Nuisance Abatement. Meaning accountability for vacant properties which can be directly related to crime. Dilapitated structures could create a danger danger to safety of fire and police. High grass and unkempt buildings create an infestation of vermin or feral animals. Also these blighted structures affect property values.

Nuisance abatement is a growing area within policing and code enforcement. The term refers to using building codes, fire codes, zoning, etc. in order to improve the quality of life and resolve life safety issues within neighborhoods. Nuisance abatement programs are most often a component of problem oriented or community policing programs.

After all of that popularity and good however. Chief Karr serves at the will of the Mayor and the City Council. He is not voted on by the people of Jasper.