(64804) – Early Tuesday morning Joplin News First tipsters alerted us to police activity in their neighborhood. The tipster, name withheld, stated in a text message, “There is something going on, 11 cop cars, 1128 crane drive.”

That tipster was right. Joplin Police and Newton County Sheriff’s Deputies had reason to come en masse. The last time Joplin Police had a confrontation with, Tucker Hall, 24, of Joplin he assaulted an officer, ran from police, choked a police K-9 and had a Glock 22 .40 caliber.

Police arrived shortly after 1:00 AM. Capt Nick Jimenez of the Joplin Police Department tells Joplin News First officers were there to serve a Probation Violation Warrant.

Over the next three hours it’s not clear what exactly occurred however by 4:00 AM Hall had refused to come out of 1128 Crane Drive, Apt 45.

Police negotiated by bullhorn identifying themselves by both agencies names. Eventually they used Flash Bomb(s) and an unknown gas or spray to enter the residence by force. Hall was taken into custody shortly after 4:30 AM.

Two additional people were arrested besides Hall, according to Capt Jimenez.

  • Tucker Hall, 24
  • Probation Violation Warrant
  • Charged with Felony Resisting Arrest
  • Aubrey J. Bokay, 24
  • Hindering Prosecution
  • Tanner L. Enochs , 24
  • Hindering Prosecution
  • Possesstion of a Controlled Substance

After being cleared by EMS all were booked into the Joplin City Jail.


Tucker Hall was arrested July 23, 2018 after he ran from Joplin Police at Casey’s, 7th and South Schifferdecker. This incident he choked a police K-9 and was found to have a gun in his possession.

November of 2018 he was sentenced, “Department of Corrections for a term of 4 years, said sentence shall be pursuant to the shock incarceration program under section 559.115 RSMo.”

That shock incarceration program is normally a drug treatment program in the DOC. He completed successfully early this year. He was then granted 5 years probation.

“Program completed, defendant released to 5 years supervised probation effective 04-04-2019,” court records state.

It’s not known how long the Probation Violation Warrant has been active. Police were unsure when we requested that information. It’s also unsure what Probation and Parole will determine. Joplin Police tell us they just serve the warrant, the rest is up to P & P.