MIAMI, Okla. — The Ottawa County Sheriff’s office charge two of their detention officers with Felony Conspiracy and Contraband. Sheriff David Dean and Undersheriff Rocky Ferdig spoke with Joplin News First last week in conversation and reveal more now that charges have been filed.

In a continuing investigation of unrest in the jail and instances of property damage, Detective Justin Berry discovered information that two detention officers were assisting to bring contraband into the jail.

Last month tipsters told us a package was thrown onto the roof of the jail, it’s not known if this is part of the ongoing investigation or not.

“Detective Berry found that an inmate was making plans with a friend to bring contraband to the Sheriff’s office lobby and that the detention officer was going to get the contraband and give it to the inmate,” Sheriff Dean states. “The contraband consisted of tobacco, marijuana, and methamphetamine.”

The two detention officers were presented with recorded video evidence and both admitted to conspiring with inmates to bring contraband into the jail. The District Attorney issued Felony Warrants for Kody Redden and Justin Hayworth. They both turned themselves in and posted bond on Felony Warrant of Conspiracy and Contraband.

Sheriff Dean states, “This administration will not tolerate any illegal activity being conducted by its employees. Detention officers are hired to conduct a very difficult job, and we expect them to have the morals and integrity within themselves to hold themselves to a higher standard. Bringing in contraband, no matter what it is, puts other staff and inmates at risk.”

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Updated information includes neither jailer is employed by the Sheriff’s office any longer.