JASPER COUNTY, Mo. — Friday morning at 10:00 AM Southern Star Gas Pipeline experienced an intermediate line pressure break on North Lone Elm. The road remains closed at North Lone Elm Sunday while new gas line is placed.


As new pipe is laid for the gas line it will run underneath North Lone Elm we are told so the roadway will remain closed until perhaps later Sunday. Watch for updates here on our news tab at FSHP. Click here to save as a bookmark on your phone browser.

Sunday some remain without gas service, according to Spire Gas:

“Spire technicians have largely completed reconnecting service in the area. While we were able to reconnect a vast majority of customers, we’ve posted door hangers with next steps for those we were unable to reach. Those customers are encouraged to call 800-582-1234 and press 1 to schedule a reconnection.”


Carl Junction Fire Department Friday told us a gas worker was seriously injured as a crater formed from the pressure of the line break. The worker is expected to survive. A witness told us it tossed a Southern Star work truck into the air 10-15 feet.

Gas service was interrupted in these areas Friday and Saturday:

  • Airport Drive, Mo.
  • Briarbrook Neighborhood, Carl Junction, Mo.
  • Country Club Estates Neighborhood, Carl Junction, Mo.
  • NW Jasper County along North Lone Elm Road and Peace Church Road

Southern Star Pipeline stated in a media release around noon Friday 800 customers were affected.

However later Friday Spire Gas stated on their website 1,200 were without gas service due to a third party supplier that was having issues. They did not name that third party supplier.

Regardless how many were affected in totality most had service restored on Saturday.