JOPLIN, Mo. — It’s hard for a Chamber of Commerce to promote a non-profit group if they’ve never heard of them before. And it can be hard to get involved in a Chamber of Commerce if you don’t know anyone in it. An event held at the Advanced Training and Tech Center in Joplin was designed to change that.

What do you call an event that brings together five area Chambers of Commerce and over 65 nonprofit organizations? The “Regional Non-profit Meet Up”, and it was the idea of Cavanaugh Studyvin.

“All of the people in the room serve so many thousands of citizens but if they collaborate, collaboration is key to growth in our region. Whether it be collaboration with Chambers, me collaborating with other chambers to put this on or more importantly as non-profits in order to work together and provide more services to the community,” said Cavanaugh Studyvin, Exec. Director, Carl Junction Chamber of Commerce.

Many of the not-for-profit organizations at this event provide services for veterans or the families of veterans.

Among them, Heartland Canines for Veterans, a group headed by Kevin Pruitt, which provides service animals to veterans with PTSD.

“An event like this amongst all the local chambers is great because it brings in a lot of not-for-profits, some of us have kind of related things we do. It helps us with networking, also some new ideas for marketing as well, grant proposal writing,” added Kevin Pruitt, Executive Director, Heartland Canines For Veterans.

“So it is important for us to get out there so we can help as many as possible,” said Amber Eidem, The Precious Legacy.

Amber Eidem runs “The Precious Legacy”, which focuses on bringing together the aged-out young adults of fallen service members, a group only a couple of years old.

“Have learned a lot on how to market, how to make grants, how to connect with others and the community, very informative,” she added.