JOPLIN, Mo. — There’s a new option at Mercy Hospital Joplin for patients who suffer from a potentially dangerous irregular heartbeat.

It’s called the S-ICD — a defibrillator that’s placed under the skin in the side of the chest. It helps detect and correct abnormally fast heartbeats. It’s also less risky according to cardiologist Dr. AJ Caine.

“The old devices have wires that we place inside the veins and of course with wires that we place inside the vasculature, the veins, it comes with infection risk um this device you know goes under the layers of the skin and avoids some of those traditional risk factors that we had from the old device,” said Dr. Caine.

Dr. Caine added the device used to be placed in the upper part of the chest with the wires running directly to the heart but that’s no longer the case with the new version.

Its generator is also designed to last at least five years.