JOPLIN, Mo. — While some buildings on Main Street in Joplin are under renovation, a new one is under construction.

After a couple of years of delays brought on by the pandemic, the first of two buildings in the 900 block of Main is under construction.

While the original plans were to have the structure completed and occupied by now, Katherine Degraff says it’s better late than never.

She says her company, “KM Guru Marketing,” will move into part of the structure on the first floor, with the remaining space up for grabs.

“We’ll have two commercial spaces in the bottom and then three residential lofts up top, then the next phase will be to build the livable courtyard in between, and then the second building will come as phase three and it will mirror the first building,” said Katherine Degraff, KM Guru Marketing C.E.O.

Degraff hopes to have the first building finished and occupied by next spring.