JOPLIN, Mo. — A Joplin woman is getting a global boost in her efforts to combat human trafficking. Angie Brower recently made a virtual presentation to nearly 100 United Nations delegates and representatives.

She works both in the MSSU social work program and at Rapha House. Brower used that knowledge to help participants from Haiti and France learn an assessment program to help trafficking survivors.

“Not only a tool that they know how to use – that they can use to better serve survivors that they come into contact with. But also an overall understanding of how to talk to a survivor of trauma. Because that was part of the presentation as well. When you’re talking to a survivor of trauma – you have to understand that even though you know you’re there to help them, they don’t know that,” she said.

Brower wasn’t the only Joplin representative taking part in the project. She worked with Joplin High School teacher Ryan Burnside to translate the speech.