JOPLIN, Mo. — Missouri State Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick is raising awareness about a program that helps small businesses.

Fitzpatrick was in Joplin on Wednesday touting the program during a stop at a local company.

“The MOBUCK$ (Mo-bucks) program is the state’s linked deposit program,” he said, “we want to raise awareness about the program because rates are going up, and we think that businesses can utilize it.”

The Missouri Treasurer is highlighting the American Ramp Company which recently took advantage of the MOBUCK$ program.

“We are able to provide this funding to banks that are making this loan to small businesses, farmers, and local governments. The benefit is, because we are able to put that money in at a lower rate than what they would pay for other types of deposits, they can then give it to those businesses at a lower rate,” said Fitzpatrick.

Wednesday afternoon, he toured ARC’s Joplin facility which makes skate and bike ramps to see how it helped them.

“It’s not a handout. We are not giving money away, but we are responsible in the treasurer’s office for investing taxpayer money,” said Fitzpatrick.

That investment helped the American Ramp Company buy a more than $1 million CNC laser.

“Over the course of say a five-year loan, the interest savings will be north of $100,000. That’s obviously super helpful for any business,” said John Hunter, American Ramp Company CEO, “anything that will help us save money and be able to invest money back into our business and also make purchases that are critical to our business operations. It allows us to have funds to instead hire people that we need to hire.”

Hunter says the new laser will help them keep up with the demand for action sports parks.

The MOBUCK$ program has been around since the 1980s and has helped thousands of Missourians.